Play Free Checkers

Checkers: Brainstorming Online Game for Two

Checkers is the most democratic logic game where you play against the opponent. Thanks to its logical simplicity, checkers have become very popular all over the world, and it is worth noting that no logical game has so many varieties.

The Composition Of Checkers:

  1. Game board 64 (8×8) cells. Cells of two contrasting colors, usually white and dark (gray or brown) located diagonally.
  2. Checkers of two different colors of 12 pieces.

Checker’s Rules:

2 players take part in the game. Players are placed on opposite sides of the board.

The playing field (board) is located in such a way that the corner dark cell is located on the left side of the player.

The choice of color by the players is determined by lot or by agreement. Checkers are placed on three rows on dark squares, closest to the player. The right of the first move usually belongs to the player who plays with black (dark) checkers. The moves are made by the opponents alternately.

At the beginning of the game, all the opponents’ checkers are simple. Simple checkers can only be moved forward diagonally to the adjacent free cell.

If a simple checker has reached the last horizontal, it becomes a “king” and is indicated by turning over. The queen can walk one field diagonally forward or backward

A move is considered made if the participant of the game released his hand after moving the checkers. If a player touches a checker, he is obliged to make a move with it. If any of the opponents wants to correct the checkers, they must warn in advance.

The opponent’s checkers are taken by transferring their own through it, if it is located on a diagonal square adjacent to a simple checker and there is a free field behind it. Taking the opponent’s checkers with a simple checker can only be done forward. The queen, when taken, goes only through one field in any direction, and not to any diagonal field. Taking the opponent’s checkers is mandatory, but if there are several continuations of the “fight”, any one that is most tactically expedient is chosen.

If a simple checker in the process of taking the opponent’s checkers reaches the field of the last horizontal and it is given the opportunity to take further according to the rules of the fight with a queen, then it turns into a queen, stopping on the field of the last row. She acquires the right to take according to the rules of the queen only from the next turn.