Play Checkers Online

Checkers Online

Checkers is a medieval competition that has gained popularity in America. Today there are about 30 nations of the world among the players. Especially popular with:

  • America;
  • England;
  • Australia;
  • India.

The game is so popular that world championships are held on it. It is not surprising that checkers in English conquer the Internet system. It’s possible to play them with real people while maintaining a conversation in a chat.

Basic rules of Checkers Online

A checkers online game requires a 64-square board. Some rules are slightly different from the usual ones:

If you pick the figure up – you must play;

The main rule (goal) is to leave the opponent without the possibility of a move or until his last checker leaves the board.

The checker board is made up of 64 squares, 32 dark and 32 light. Checkers game rules dictate that the board is positioned in such a way that there is a light colored square on the right side corner of both players.

Any piece that is captured is removed from the board.

While kings are still only allowed to move diagonally, they are allowed to move forward and backward.

The game ends when a player cannot make any more moves. This can result from all a player’s pieces having been captured or blocked from making any further moves.

In English checkers, the queen moves a maximum of 1 square forward or backward. But this does not make this type of checkers less interesting. Please note that in this game, the fight is not mandatory and you can safely ignore the “capture” if it is obviously a loss for you. This feature has shortened the game and simplified many of its aspects.

It is unlikely to appeal to fans of putting complex checkers combinations and tricks for the opponent. This game is more likely to appeal to fans to pass their leisure time and just get away from everyday, mundane fuss.

The difficulty level will even allow most beginners to win.